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Antennair Limited is a UK based company, providing solutions for Cable (DVB-C), Terrestrial (DVB-T) and Satellite (DVB-S) distribution systems builders worldwide.

Our philosophy is simple; we offer well engineered cost-effective quality products,
designed in Europe but available and supported worldwide, either directly or through our growing network of distributors.
If you would like to become a distributor, please contact us. Unbeatable pricing for quality UK built products.

By taking advantage of the latest hardware devices and software techniques, our products deliver superior performance whilst being very competitive on price.
"Many sources of video are and will remain essentially analogue in origin. With the advent of Digital Television, the question arises as to how economically to convert these sources into an RF signal which can be received on a DVB TV set without sacrificing signal quality"
The answer to this question is to compress the video source, whether composite or S-Video, into an MPEG2 Stream, and then encode this stream into a DVB-T or DVB-S compatible program stream, before modulating it onto an RF carrier. (Of course, we include stereo audio as well)! This RF feed can then be fed to the TV or aerial distribution amplifier.
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Built in the UK - Quality Products at Competitive Prices

Dual Channel DVB-T Modulator only £450 + VAT.
Dual Channel DVB-S Modulator only £575 + VAT.

Single Channel DVB-T Modulator only £325 + VAT.
Single Channel DVB-S Modulator only £449 + VAT.

See product page for full details

QUADRANT DVB-T Modulator shown.
DVB-S Model is now available for delivery - call
0161 820 9250 for details.
Ideal for feeding your Sky Digibox output to several Digital TV's, at home, in Pubs, Offices, Hotels, etc. using ordinary aerial cable distribution.